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Dr. Paula Shaw, PsyD.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Shaw is a clinical psychologist with a decade of experience in psychoeducational and psychological evaluations. She works with a range of disorders across the lifespan, including anxiety, depression, parenting skills, interpersonal conflict, academic motivation, low self-esteem, and emotion regulation.

Additionally, she provides social skills training and anxiety reduction techniques for individuals with high functioning autism, Aspergers, social anxiety, and social awkwardness to help improve life skills, communication, and interpersonal relationships. 

Dr. Shaw has a holistic view of mental health, understanding that both mind and body are interconnected.  She uses an individualized approach in treating symptoms with evidence based techniques, fostering insight and problem solving. As such, she will spend time getting to know you and learning how life events have impacted you. As a respectful and trusting therapeutic relationship is formed, she will identify your challenges and stressors, and more importantly, your strengths, so together you can navigate difficulties and look for paths to move you forward and to bring you happiness. 

Dr. Shaw grew up in south Florida. She graduated summa cum-laude from Florida Atlantic University in 2010, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. She earned her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the Albizu University in 2016, with utmost distinction, where she received clinical training in neuropsychology from the Miami VA Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Shaw completed her doctoral internship at Goodman Psychological Services Center and post-doctoral residency at the Psychological Wellness Center.  Dr. Shaw is formally trained in a variety of evidence based treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy. 

Dr. Paula Shaw, Psy.D.: TeamMember
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