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Dr. Stephanie Lippman, PsyD.

Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Stephanie Lippman is a Florida licensed clinical psychologist, and founder at the Psychological Wellness Center. She received her Psy.D. in clinical psychology from the Florida School of Professional Psychology and completed both her predoctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Palm Beach County Youth Affairs. Dr. Lippman has over a decade of extensive experience conducting psychotherapy and psychological evaluations with couples, families, adults, babies, children, and adolescents.


Dr. Lippman has obtained a broad range of experiences working in a variety of clinical settings with several populations that include private practice, college counseling center, adolescent residential treatment, children and adult survivors of political torture, and underserved youth and their families. Dr. Lippman has served as a parent educator and has a great deal of experience facilitating therapy groups with all age ranges. Dr. Lippman actively engages in community education and outreach efforts and is often asked to lecture on a variety of topics at local schools, businesses, and doctor’s offices. 


Dr. Lippman has extensive experience completing full social, behavioral, emotional, and academic psychological evaluations with children, adolescents, and adults, and plays a vital role in the Palm Beach County community, consulting on a wide array of psychoeducational issues with educators and healthcare professionals. Dr. Lippman’s goal is to ensure continuity of care and to assist individuals with treatment planning.


Dr. Lippman provides additional consultative services throughout the county. She is the current consultative psychologist at Wellington Regional Medical Center, oversees mental health needs at the Weight Management Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center, has provided consultation to business executives, and has assisted attorneys with cases through evaluation.


In addition to devising and implementing training programs for other mental health professionals, Dr. Lippman has served as a media consultant for local media outlets, including WPTV and WFLX. Dr. Lippman is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues in Palm Beach County and has served as past chair of the Wellington Chamber’s Health and Wellness Committee and has served the Wellington initiative of the Palm Beach County Action Alliance for Mental Health. Finally, Dr. Lippman oversees the clinical training of postdoctoral residents and is committed to providing the highest level of clinical care.

Dr. Stephanie Lippman, Psy.D.: TeamMember
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