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Child and Adolescent Therapy: Service


Psychological Wellness Center treats a wide range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues often seen in childhood. Therapists use a variety of techniques grounded in play therapy and cognitive-behavioral treatments. We work closely with parents to solve problems at home and school, and help children lead healthier, happier lives.

We believe that a collaborative and  team approach is especially important with young children. Our child specialists will  seek your partnership and offer parenting sessions. Sessions will offer guidance and tools, such as token economies and behavior modification plans, which will assist you in developing ways to effectively address concerns with your child. 

child testing, ADHD and learning disabilities

While each child is unique, some of the most common
problems our clients face are described below:

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Our work with adolescents focuses on providing a confidential and understanding environment in which personal issues can be explored. Adolescence is a time of major change, and it can be overwhelming. This is a time of transition from being a child to gaining more independence and facing a number of developmental challenges and obstacles. This can be a confusing time as it is full of important decisions.


Therapy with teens often focuses on struggles related to family relationships, dating, decision making, academic performance, peer group interactions and various stressors related to the process of entering adulthood.

Our therapists excel working with this population and offer great balance and communication specific to the needs of teenagers and their families. In addition to individual therapy, we also offer family therapy, couple’s therapy, sibling counseling, testing & assessment and parenting classes designed specifically for parents of adolescents.

Child and Adolescent Therapy: Service


  • Challenges in home life (e.g., conflict, loss, separation, divorce, blended families, difficulties with siblings)

  • Depression and emotional regulation (e.g. sadness, shame, tantrums)

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety or fears (separation anxiety, school refusal, generalized anxiety, phobias, OCD, test anxiety)

  • Oppositional behavior, emotion regulation, and maladaptive anger

  • Parenting concerns (e.g., appropriate discipline, limit setting, agreement between parents on decision making, fostering strong communication)

  • School and learning-related difficulties (e.g., poor grades, school refusal, coping with symptoms of ADHD)

  • Social/peer difficulties (e.g., bullying, conflict, isolation, loneliness)

  • Obesity

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-harming

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Coping skills and stress management     

  • Eneurisis and Encoprisis

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Lake Worth/Wellington, Florida 33467

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