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Benefits of Group Therapy

Psychological Wellness Center is proud to offer a variety of support, therapeutic, and educational group therapy sessions. We keep our groups small and focused on the needs of our group members.

Group therapy provides a unique format to address an number of concerns. We offer a number of groups for children, adolescents, and adults. Group therapy is an opportunity to make connections with peers with the support of a  skilled therapist, as well as offer a chance to learn and practice new skills, discover personal strength and confidence.


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We currently offer a variety of groups and are always open to suggestions.
Please note that some of our groups may have waitlists.
Click or inquire for more details.

Parenting Groups

Our parent skills training programs helps parents develop more positive and less frustrating relationships with their children.

This social skills group is for individuals with Aspergers or social anxiety in order to assist the learning of interpersonal skills and practice navigating the social world. Topics include making conversation, keeping healthy friendships, and developing self-confidence in social situations.

postpartum support group

Is motherhood not what you expected? Many women suffer from feelings of guilt and shame about experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. This support group allows new moms the opportunity to share parenting struggles and learn to cope with maternal challenges.

This group will help you better understand the roots of anger and how to experience it in a way that is healthier for you and those around you.

This unique group allows individuals to work through their anxiety, fears of public speaking, and social awkwardness through use of improvisation.

This group helps with learning about the natural process of grief while facilitating the healing process.  You will develop new skills  for coping with grief and connect with others who have experienced loss.

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