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Gender Affirmation Support Group 

Becoming Who We Are: A Gender Affirmation Group for Transitioning Adults 


This 12-week therapy group provides a safe and supportive space for participants at all stages of transition to share and process their thoughts, emotions, challenges, and successes. The counselor will facilitate discussion among the members, drawing out significant themes and dynamics and encouraging participants to collaborate in creating an environment conducive to healing, growth, and empowerment. 


Group discussions may include:

-Family relationships

-Integrating personal and public identity 

-Advocacy for self and others

-Managing bias, discrimination, and systemic injustice 

-Cultivating resilience in adverse circumstances

And more… 

Paper Heart

Availability is limited, please contact us to setup an intake and reserve a spot today.

Group meets once weekly and runs for 12-week intervals.

Group membership fee: $720 for 12 weeks ($60 per session)

Group facilitator: Michael Cicalese, M.S. 

National Certified Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Social Skills: Feature
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