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Parenting, with all its fulfilling joys and delights, is not without its challenges. Parenting can be difficult and at time, stressful. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed attending to a young person’s needs, assuming responsibility for helping children develop life skills and healthy self-esteem, all while establishing a set of expected guidelines for behaviors and the development of good moral judgment. From infancy and childhood through adolescence, teenagehood, and beyond empty nest, each developmental period presents a unique set of pressure points. It is true that children don’t come with an instruction manual, but parenting sessions can help you stay on course.

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Steps is our parent skills training programs helps parents develop more positive and less frustrating relationships with their children. This empirically derived 10-session parenting course will help you meet your parenting goals.


Contrary to the belief of some, parenting courses are not just for those who have specific parenting challenges. It is advantageous for all parents to have an opportunity to explore the challenges parents and children face at each developmental level and learn new skills to enhance your parenting efforts. Our therapists work with one or both parents and tailors the curriculum to address your specific concerns. These parenting sessions provide a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to improve parenting skills, knowledge and confidence.

Session are private and setup at times that are convenient for you.

Stacking Blocks


Building Blocks is a playgroup for parents to learn essential activities for baby’s development at each stage of growth. Hands-on play experiences facilitated by a clinical psychologist are tailored for each age group. These experiences teach parents interactions that promote brain development and physical, social, and emotional growth. Parents’ questions about their baby’s progress and development will be answered by the psychologist who has been observing and interacting with their child. 

Building Blocks presents a unique opportunity to engage in directed activities that foster simultaneous growth and bonding. The group format provides parents with a social environment where they can share struggles and successes with other new parents.


Ages: Open to parents with children ages 0-2 years

When: Every Monday at 9AM

Costs: $50 per session

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Parenting services are offered at flexible times to accommodate busy schedules. Also, see our Online Therapy (Teletherapy) option.

Psychological Wellness Center’s Parent Program includes the following topics:

  • Clarifying the goals of parenting

  • Parenting styles

  • Effective communication  

  • Discipline strategies

  • Rewards and consequences

  • Stress management

  • Problem solving

  • Identity development

  • Setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Social development

  • Issues specific to developmental periods (dealing with school trouble, peer difficulties, substance use, cutting, etc.)

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