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Psycho educational testing

Center for Education and Testing at PWC

Our testing center offers psychoeducational assessments for Learning Disabilities, giftedness, and assessments aimed at simply answering a question about patterns of school performance.

Psychoeducational testing involves a specialized assessment to obtain detailed information about a person’s social/emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and academic functioning. These comprehensive assessments help pinpoint areas of strength and areas needing support that are unique to each individual, and can identify developmental, learning, or attention-related disorders, as well as giftedness. Our highly trained psychologists are committed to helping you gain a clear picture of your learning profile and providing support for your educational goals.

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Psychoeducational Evaluation: diagnostic

Obtain the diagnostic clarity, and get answers
to the questions you have been looking for.

Individuals seeking a referral for a psychoeducational assessment often want diagnostic clarification, information for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) used at the elementary and secondary school level, or accommodations for young adults beginning college.

We appreciate that success for individuals with specific needs is in helping them find and pursue their strengths and talents, not just focusing on improving “problematic” symptoms. Gaining a clear picture of your learning profile is an important step toward academic, career, and life goals.


Individuals seeking a gifted assessment often want to clarify whether their child meets a school board or private school’s criteria for gifted programming.


Testing for giftedness is typically completed with the administration of a standardized intelligence test.

Psychoeducational Evaluation: gifted

It can be helpful to identify giftedness at an early school age because it sets the tone for your child’s educational experiences and the expectations of those who guide their education. Recommendations based on our assessment may include enrichment activities and/or suggestions for ways to help increase success at school. Whether a child meets criteria for identification of giftedness, we want to ensure that all parents understand their children’s unique set of strengths to help their children take ownership of their learning so they may excel to the best of their abilities.

Reading disorders

In some situations, where there are other co-existing concerns, like ADHD or emotional difficulties that may be hindering your child’s ability to reach their academic potential, we can complete more in-depth testing to clarify and make recommendations about their full scope of needs and provide information to support an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Children struggling in school testing

We testing for giftedness using the Weschler Scales, which is considered the gold standard for IQ testing. We have a variety of Weschler assessments, allowing us to assess cognitive functioning for all ages across the lifespan. Testing for giftedness is typically completed in one 2 hour session with reports ready for feedback and review the next day.

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Contact us to learn about our free seminars to help answer several questions about kindergarten preparedness, including reviewing different types of kindergarten programs, explaining gifted testing, and helping you choose the best course of action for your child.


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