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Do you wish you were happier more of the time? Are you preoccupied with thoughts you wish you could get rid of? Are you faced with a decision? Are you unhappy with how your life is going? Do you need better ways to manage stress? Do you find yourself engaging in self-defeating thoughts? Is your behavior sabotaging your chances for success? Is there something from your past you wish you could resolve? We provide individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults.

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Individual therapy is a powerful intervention for anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, loss, or difficulty adjusting to transition and change.

The goal is to increase your overall satisfaction in life by enhancing your ability to manage feelings and behaviors, improving coping skills and decision-making, assisting with achieving your personal goals, and providing you with strategies for overcoming future challenges.

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• Anxiety
• Depression
• Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
• Stress & Anger Management
• Grief
• Issues related to LGBTQ
• Weight Loss
• Parenting & Family Stress
• Resolving Relationship Conflicts
• Adjustment to Life Changes
• Child/Adolescent Behavioral Disturbances
• Equestrian Support
• Trauma Recovery
• Personality Disorders