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Family Therapy: Service
Family Therapy: Service

Do you wish your family relationships were stronger?

Psychological Wellness Center understands families thrive when individuals feel comfortable, respected, and connected. The quality of family relationships often set the stage for the quality of the rest of the relationships in a person’s life. We provide a safe environment for family members to openly discuss issues and be guided to a place of mutual understanding and respect. Our psychologists will give your family the help to work through issues no matter how big or small.

Family therapy provides an opportunity in the week for the family to come together to discuss personal matters in a safe environment. Insight and constructive feedback is provided to help the family understand the patterns that have developed. Sessions serve as a forum to allow each family member to feel and be heard and have their needs respected in order to work toward conflict resolution and change. Work done in therapy is then translated to daily life and practiced between sessions. Ultimately, the goal is to build empathy between family members, set and maintain realistic boundaries, build respect, understand dynamics, and improve relationships.

Family Therapy: Service
Family Therapy: Welcome

Why Family Therapy?

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Improve closeness

  • Learn problem solving and resolve conflicts

  • Cope with challenging situations more effectively by learning new skills

  • Address specific issues such as stress, grief, or anger

  • Cope with the particular stresses of one family member, such as a disability

  • Encourage independence from your children

  • Rebalance family members & dissolve unhealthy alliances

  • Set effective boundaries and expectations

  • Establish effective behavior management and discipline techniques

  • Reduce overprotectiveness or excessive leniency

  • Understand parent’s responsibilities and children’s responsibilities at each stage of life

Family therapy can help you learn to:

This is far from an exhaustive list of the reasons that families seek therapy.

Remember, no reason is too insignificant or insurmountable to seek help.

Family Therapy: Service


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