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Couples Therapy: Service

Do you feel stuck and tired of having the same fight over and over? Do you feel as though you can’t seem to connect with your partner? Do you wonder if the bond that brought you together has weakened? Does your partner feel like more of a friend or a roommate than a romantic partner? Have you thought “I love them, but am I still in love with them?” Is your relationship struggling after infidelity?

PWC provides couples and marriage therapy with an emphasis on communication, trust, and safety and intimacy. Couples are given tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way. Couples therapy can significantly improve relationship strengths and increase intimacy and happiness.

Couple Holding Hands

It is a common misconception that seeking couples therapy means your relationship has serious problems or is headed for breakup. All relationships have issues and conflict, we can help you manage them in a way that improves your quality of life. If you’re looking to establish healthy patterns of interaction, couples therapy can offer preventative care that gives you and your partner the skills, tools, and practice to effectively cope with the challenges that face every couple.

Distanced Couple

When there is a problem threatening the relationship, couples therapy can be an opportunity to explore problem solving, find growth, and learn new ways of interacting. Too often, couples present for treatment as a “last ditch effort” to save the relationship. You can get help before it’s too late.

Family Dispute

Sometimes it has become clear to the couple that the relationship must end. Couples therapy can help you end a relationship in the most respectful, least hurtful manner possible. Where children are involved, therapy can aid with conflict resolution and develop effective co-parenting strategies.

Couples Therapy: Service

We understand that each couple and relationship is unique and will work with clients to determine your core relationship struggles and help you develop a treatment plan that is specific to your circumstances and needs. 

Couples therapy can help to clarify what a couple truly wants in a new stage in life or can support couples struggling with major life change or crisis. Couples therapy helps couples understand and resolve conflicts and focuses on improving the relationship. 

Couples Therapy: Service


•  Communicate more effectively
•  Navigate in healthy ways through arguments
•  Decrease defensiveness
•  Break destructive patterns in your relationship
•  Heal from infidelity
•  Create more time for fun 
•  Build intimacy and affection
•  Develop shared goals and life plans
•  Set realistic expectations for each other
•   Strengthen the bond that first brought you together
•   Plan for success in the future



•  Difficulties in communication or conflict resolution

•  Financial stress

•  Sexual/Intimacy concerns

•  Family stress

•  Infidelity/Betrayal

•  Emotional distance

•  Explosive arguments

•  Negative impact of children on relationship

•  Work/relationship balance

•  Conflict resolution problems

•  Trust/boundary matters

•  Difficulty with Commitment

•  Co-parenting

•  Division of labor

•  Revitalizing long-term committed relationships

•  Premarital concerns

•  Trauma and Life Transitions

•  Relationship stress due to various life issues

    (health, career, finances, etc.)


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Lake Worth/Wellington, Florida 33467

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