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"Ultimate Parent Guide to Gifted Testing in Palm Beach County"


Gifted testing measures your child's IQ. IQ stands for Intelligence quotient, which is a score that summarizes one’s cognitive abilities. To obtain an IQ score, it requires a standardized measure to assess multiple areas of functioning, from verbal reasoning, to visual-spatial, to memory and processing speed.


Florida defines gifted students as “students who have superior intellectual development and are capable of high performance.

  Here is a Parent Guide to Gifted Testing in Palm Beach:

Palm Beach County School District offer a Gifted Education Program, which “provides appropriate instruction for eligible students by delivering effective and innovative strategies beyond the basic curriculum.”


In Florida, students must score an IQ of 130 or above on an individually administered cognitive test and place at or above the 98th percentile. In the Palm Beach School District, English Language Learner (ELL) or students who qualify for reduced lunch fall under Plan B, which entitles them to enter the gifted program with lower IQ scores (e.g. 115-120).


There are a variety of standardized cognitive tests that can be used to measure IQ for giftedness, though some are better at presenting an overall picture of student strengths and weakness, thus are preferred by well-known organizations and institutions. For example, the National Association for Gifted Children recommends either the Stanford Binet (L-M), Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test, and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children for children 6 and older or the Wechsler Primary & Preschool Intelligence Scale up to 5-year of age.


The Psychological Wellness Center primarily uses the Weschler Scales, as they are known for being the gold standard. Our office is also trained in administration of the Woodcock Johnson-IV as an alternative cognitive test.  Both of these tests are accepted by Palm Beach County Public Schools.

Gifted testing palm beach
Think your little one could be gifted?

Schools also look for certain characteristics that could be signs of giftedness.  Think your child may be gifted?  Palm Beach County School provides a checklist of gifted characteristic:

  • Uses an enriched vocabulary

  • Asks many thought-provoking questions

  • Expresses unusual ideas

  • Has a wide range of interests

  • Uses complex sentences

  • Acts independently

  • Displays curiosity

  • Possesses leadership qualities

  • Functions at high energy level

  • Has long attention span in areas of interest

  • Reads at an early age

  • Understands the concept of time

  • Engages in self-directed activities

  • Is sensitive to feelings of others

  • Has a keen sense of humor

  • Is able to conceptualize

  • Learn skills rapidly and without repetition

  • Retains and uses information effectively

  • Wants to know what makes things “tick”

  • Enjoys learning

  • Reasons well

  • Is a perfectionist

  • Prefers older companions or adults

  • Has facility with numbers




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