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Dvorah Palmer, M.A.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dvorah Palmer is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been practicing since 2013. She specializes in therapies that help individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, and life adjustment. Dvorah is a good listener, has a gentle approach, and creates a judgement free space for her clients. In addition to work with adults facing life transitions and struggles, she also has extensive experience working with child and adolescent difficulties, such as defiant behaviors at home and at school, as well as delinquent behaviors in the community. Dvorah has helped improve life performance (work, school, etc.) and reduce negative outcomes. Her extensive training includes treatments of traumatic events including abuse, neglect, parental substance abuse, natural disasters, and domestic violence. Dvorah also enjoys work with families and couples. She believes in empowering the entire family unit to decrease family conflict, improve positive communication, and increase family cohesiveness. She uses a CBT and Solution Focused approach and believes in empowering individuals to live their best life.  

Dvorah earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida State University and her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Louisiana Tech University. Dvorah has worked in a variety of settings such as private practice, in home-community based services, and in alternative school settings. She also has experience with working with schools, probation officers, and the court system to advocate for her clients and help her clients meet their needs.

Dvorah has extensive experience working with the following issues:
- Anxiety & Panic
- Depression
- Trauma  
- Post Traumatic Stress
- Self Esteem
- Low Motivation
- Procrastination
- Body Image
- Relationship Challenges
- Emotion Regulation
- Life Transitions
- Gender Identity
- Grief and Loss
- Anger Management
- Self Harm
- Suicidal Thoughts
- Behavioral Challenges
- Academic Challenges
- Peer Conflict
- Bullying
- Divorce
- Blended Families/Stepfamilies
- Postpartum

Single Parenting
- Co-parenting